Vampyre Bytes is a South African outlet for fiction and creativity created by participants in the Vampyre Community, primarily in South Africa, but also elsewhere. It is a site that features visual art, having the capacity to showcase video, photography,  or images of other art forms such as sculpture, painting, drawing or graphic design, audio and music, writing art including fiction, poetry and other narrative forms – and it’s looking for YOU.

Although material displayed on the site does not HAVE to be specifically vampcentric, or necessarily created by Vampyres of any kind, it is preferable that either the material or the creator have or had some kind of ties to or interaction with the real Vampi(y)re Community.

Good at cartooning, fabric painting, textile design, leather work, making pottery items, clothing, animation, tattoo or jewelry design, writing poetry, short stories etc? The possibilities are endless.

While contributors may contribute items which may relate to vampyrism or the vampyric state, or allude to the fictional or mythical vampire, it should not be assumed that the contributor is themselves necessarily a Vampyre, a participant, or anything more than someone who interacts with the online Vampyre Community in some way.

Items are displayed on the Vampyre Bytes site under the Creative Commons License and full control and copyright remains with their owners or creators.

Those interested in contributing are requested to contact the administrators.

Posting is free and there is no payment for displaying items on the Vampire Bytes site.

Literary agents or any entity wishing to make use of the posted items are requested to contact Admin or the creators/authors directly.