Untitled – by Niola

Sit here naked drowning in my tears
staining me with all the past faults an fears
as it begins to fill and spread
drowning me with thoughts of wishing I was dead
as my tears fall down and wash they carry all the pain
that will 4ever be stained
on me for it maybe the past but I can’t forget the pain
I had I bottled it up and this drove me insane
I’ll never tell what I went threw
but what I will say is pass I’ll get over you cause I control you


Untitled 2 – by Nyx Louloudi

all the tears can not compare
saying how i truly feel i would not dare
i use to cry and you would be by my side
i used to talk and now all i do is hide
i put this face on pretending its okay
i stand up every morning wishing it wasn’t a new day
wishing that i knew the man beside me
you scream you’re rage but darling its the silence after that hurts the most
you make me feel worthless when all i ever did was care
i see you everyday but in you’re eyes i can see you are never really there
you build me up and break me down not even trying to understand my pain
every time i open my mouth you’re heart closed my efforts are in vain
sometimes i wonder if its worth it yet i can’t get myself to go
i need you i love you that much you know
and although you say it I’m not really sure you comprehend the meaning
the meaning to have even an ounce of feeling.

Untitled 1 – by Nyx Louloudi

standing here with the wind blowing through the empty hole in me
feeling like every time i lost more while you were throwing me.
its sickening to see the world spinning when you can’t hold on cuz you’re stretched so thin
you tell you’re self its the right moves but you know you are lost with in
standing here with the wind blowing me away piece by piece
there is nothing left but the thought of what i used to think was me
i used the phrase “it’s not you it’s me”
but this time i mean it cuz I’m not who i used to be
I’ve change into everyone’s idea of the perfect clone
but somehow in a group of people i know i still feel alone
try cutting the pain out and the sight of blood is bliss
maybe its the ignorance i miss
the ignorance of having a fake happiness.

Madam Moon – by Lunah Eir

The hum of waves against the sand,

The breeze kissing my skin.

The way the wind moves each hair strand,

Like the warm touch of healing Kin.


She sits above, on her throne a-way,

Looking into my soul.

She reads the many struggles a day,

And witnesses the toll.


With depth and tide, they all obey,

Wind and storm, no matter.

With tears or laughter, all night she’ll stay,

To watch you cry or laugh, there after.


The moon she is my goddess, my own,

To stay with me forever.

To monitor my tact and tone,

She is my laugh, my love, she is my clever

Life – by Cian Ashling

Slip against my skin once more
My cold and bright friend.
Slip into his skin once more
I shiver as it rends.
My lips meet his skin once more
Sweet draught of living life.
My tongue explores once more
The wound made by my knife.
The thrill of life once more
as my soul begins to fly.
My being ignites once more
As your essence makes me high.

Vampire of the Night – by Lazarian Von Draco Dravana

I am the fire that curses my soul.
I am the flame that takes its toll Upon my naked bones,
It sears Upon the hordes of demons and fears,
I am the demon that spawns from hell,
I am the man who sinned and fell,
My days of wretched hate form one To bind my spirit for the things I’ve done,
The heat melts the skin from my bones,
My cries reflect the devil’s collection of his loans,
I walk in both worlds to see the pain of others,
To observe the people burning as the soul suffers,
I feel my destiny throughout my pain,
I see it there, beaten and slain,
My fate was decided with one simple deal,
Now I suffer from wounds that can never heal,
I see the darkness that causes the deepest fears,
Yet I cannot stop this darkness that causes so many tears,
But I will seek vengeance, so heed my call
And I will never stop, until the demons fall,
My soul is lost, my spirit is vengeful
So care of my warning and be careful For when I come for you,
It is no use to fight For I am the Vampire
that Rules the Night

Ashes – by Danton Erebus

I’m the ashes in the wind…

I’m the cries in the shadows…

I’m lost in the darkness…

I’m the silent whisper in your ear…

I’m the memory slowly fading in the back of time…

Lonely, forgotten…

Midnight Hour – by Danton Erebus

Why do I feel like this?…
Why is it every time I close my eyes…

I see more burning cries of infernal lies…
Why is it that with everyday that passes by…

Feels like another nightmare I cant shake…
Why do I feel so alone…
As the midnight hour crawls