As Angels Bleed

As Angels Bleed bandAs Angels Bleed are a four piece gothic-symphonic metal band from Sydney heavily influenced by Vampire themes and imagery.

Fronted by femme fatale vocalist and gothic artist, Avelina De Moray, reinforced by Von Lehmann on guitars & effects and solidified by Frank Macri and Jack Savage on drums and bass respectively, the band have spent the better part of the last three years holed up in the studio letting the music from their debut album form organically and mature into what you hear today.

Their song “Bloody Kisses” the lead off track will be kicking off the second disk of the two disk set entitled “Maidens of Metal”, featuring bands showcasing female-fronted metal.

As Angels Bleed is a band which Delinquent Records is promoting on Maidens of Metal.

The band’s official website.


The bands debut self titled album is now available on iTunes.


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