Octarine Valur

The Lady Octarine Valur is today widely regarded as the founder of the modern South African Vampyre Community (SAVC). She is credited with the establishment of numerous VC entities, including House Valur, the International Vampire Alliance (IVA), The Vampyre Judicial Council (VJC), Real Vampire Forum, Friends of the South African Vampyre (FOSAV), the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA), the South African Vampyre Academy, and SA Vampyre News (SAVN) to name but a few.

For more information about this creator, please visit their website.

List of contributions:


  • The Pacta Sunt Servanda (ritual agreement between a mentor and fledgling).
  • The Primoris Annus Lamia (ritual ending of the fledgling’s apprenticeship).
  • The Suscipiat Novum Membrum (ritual formal welcoming a new member to a group).
  • Pactum (House Dedication Ceremony for new groups).
  • The Mantra of the Living Vampyre (a meditation).
  • The Totum Lex Vampyrica (TLV) (a community guideline comparable to the Black Veil).
  • The Vampi(y)re Declaration of Community (a community declaration of identity and fellowship penned by Octarine Valur).
  • The Fledgling Vampyre’s Guide (a 6 volume set of manuals used within House Valur).

  • The Magister and Group Leader’s Guide (a manual explaining from experiences gained, on how to establish and run a new developing community. This was distributed in February 2012 to young communities around the globe, including Russia, Norway, Canada, the Philippines, and the USA.)


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