VampetteVampette is a band which makes overt reference to the image of the fictional vampire through its own image and music, and several of its members also happen to be participants in the real Vampyre Community.

Band members are: Contessa Primula – Lead Vocals, Ash – Lead Guitar, NanSidhe – Guitar and keys, MissStress Tamantha – Bass and Backing Vocals, and O.j – Drums.

Their debut release is  Vampette :  Dark Little Secrets (DR025) – [Delinquent Records catalog number 25]. Delinquent Records USA, the label to which Vampette are signed, is kicking off with 8 eventual new various artists releases in search of new talent. So far, Vampette will be featured on “She-Rock Deluxe” themed for all-female bands.

Vampette were interviewed by South African Vampyre News on Feb 28, 2013.


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