Wendy K. Gloss


South African artist and poet Wendy Keran Gloss has interacted with the SA Vampyre Community on a number of occasions.


Although Wendy K. Gloss has experimented with various styles and mediums, starting with paper; using pencil and fine-point markers and printer-ink pens to draw and color her creations. One of her favorite techniques is to draw a shape lightly in pencil, and then to fill it with stylized words related to the shape, which she then outlines and colors using markers.


She has subsequently moved on to acrylic paint on canvas, and has already sold several completed works her patrons.

Abstract cat (SOLD)


Wendy K. Gloss writes dark poetry, generally about what she refers to as ‘uncomfortable subjects’, such as the run-of-the-mill depression, heartache, tragedy, death and suicide, based on her philosophical outlook and own life experiences.

Her style of poetry generally tends to be free-verse poetry. Some of her poems are lighter (believe it or not) and are based on nature, Pagan spirituality, vampires and even, almost incredibly, a little romantic poetry – but she considers her darker poetry to be her better work due to the raw emotive content.

For more information about this creator, please visit “Raven’s Flame“.

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