Vampire of the Night – by Lazarian Von Draco Dravana

I am the fire that curses my soul.
I am the flame that takes its toll Upon my naked bones,
It sears Upon the hordes of demons and fears,
I am the demon that spawns from hell,
I am the man who sinned and fell,
My days of wretched hate form one To bind my spirit for the things I’ve done,
The heat melts the skin from my bones,
My cries reflect the devil’s collection of his loans,
I walk in both worlds to see the pain of others,
To observe the people burning as the soul suffers,
I feel my destiny throughout my pain,
I see it there, beaten and slain,
My fate was decided with one simple deal,
Now I suffer from wounds that can never heal,
I see the darkness that causes the deepest fears,
Yet I cannot stop this darkness that causes so many tears,
But I will seek vengeance, so heed my call
And I will never stop, until the demons fall,
My soul is lost, my spirit is vengeful
So care of my warning and be careful For when I come for you,
It is no use to fight For I am the Vampire
that Rules the Night