Untitled 2 – by Nyx Louloudi

all the tears can not compare
saying how i truly feel i would not dare
i use to cry and you would be by my side
i used to talk and now all i do is hide
i put this face on pretending its okay
i stand up every morning wishing it wasn’t a new day
wishing that i knew the man beside me
you scream you’re rage but darling its the silence after that hurts the most
you make me feel worthless when all i ever did was care
i see you everyday but in you’re eyes i can see you are never really there
you build me up and break me down not even trying to understand my pain
every time i open my mouth you’re heart closed my efforts are in vain
sometimes i wonder if its worth it yet i can’t get myself to go
i need you i love you that much you know
and although you say it I’m not really sure you comprehend the meaning
the meaning to have even an ounce of feeling.

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